The Story

Sure…..everyone has “a story” and we’re no different.  Perhaps it’s age.  Perhaps it’s life’s experiences.  Who knows?   The fact is it happened and who were we to turn and walk away. 

The concept of LiFE is NOW… came about while talking to a friend about careers, occupations, life paths, families and the fulfilling enjoyment and debilitating stress they can bring. He simply asked us “Why worry about something you can’t control or that has not happened yet; what’s wrong with right now?” We answered (to our surprise at the simple yet pointed question), “Nothing is wrong with right now.” And so we came to realize that LiFE was most certainly NOW…

One of the originals

One of the “originals”

Many years of unsatisfied toiling perched behind a computer in a cubicle and working for someone else’s dream take its toll and the simple inquiry from a friend struck a poignant chord. Not to mention the long line of friends and family relentlessly chirping in our ear over the years about “Why are you doing what you’re doing, and not something creative and independent?” 

“What were we waiting for?”, we’d ask ourselves.  Someone to knock on our door and invite us to be a partner in a fortune 500 firm; or were we waiting for our “second lives”, and do it all then?  We realized the time was now and if it was going to happen we had to make it happen.  The concept’s seed was planted and it was our duty to ensure its germination and growth.

While worrying about things that had already occurred or things that might occur in the future (yes, we were doing both) we were missing what was right in front of us at that very moment; a sunset or sunrise, a wife or daughter, a smell, a sound, a smile on a stranger, a beautiful woman….they’re all out there for you to enjoy if you embrace the culture of LiFE is NOW… .

The more we thought about LiFE is NOW brought us to the next obvious question.  “OK, we said it, and we get it; what now?”  LiFE is NOW was not enough.  It was incomplete. It was akin to complaining about a job but doing nothing about it. There had to be an action, a call to arms of sorts or a thought provoking question as to the possibilities of what to do with LiFE when we knew it was NOW.  What would other people do with it? Perhaps we should suggest an action for them?.  For these and other reasons the “…” was introduced and it became instrumental in completing the concept. 

It is up to you  to fill in the blank after “…” with your own call to action.  

So, LiFE is NOW… was created.  Welcome.