Meet the Team

We are "Alberto" and "Oggi" and we created, own and operate LiFE is NOW... where we hope you find inspiration to live your life to the fullest and appreciate the world and people around you; and, maybe even reimagine your perspectives.                      

Cartoon Alberto LiFE is NOWALBERTO "Creator" - As they say "chief, cook and bottle washer".                                                                                               
Always striving to empower people to make the most of a moment, by creating designs and ideas that provoke us to enjoy life and reimagine perspectives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Cartoon - Oggi LiFE is NOW
OGGI  - In Italian, "oggi" means "today" and much of what gets done around here is due to Oggi and the reasoning behind the moniker.                                                                                        
Oggi helps take ideas and put them into action.  She is the epitome of doing it "now".  LiFE is NOW... would not be here without Oggi's love and support.