The Story of Sam The Snowman

The Story of Sam The Snowman

Sam's Story:   Sam was born in early Winter on a cold and stormy morning from a child's creative imagination.  He started as a single snowflake and then was caringly (like only a child can do) rolled into life for the sole purpose of becoming a trusted friend to have fun with.  For month's Sam was everything anyone could ask for in a friend. 
Sam The Snowman black and white sketch
 Vintage, one-of-kind sketch of Sam one winter playing with the neighborhood kids and sporting one of his favorite tees.  

He never said "no" to any crazy scheme or idea.  He always had a smile.  Even when he was not feeling his best he was still there and willing to be the wingman.  Sam was one cool snowman.  He was the talk of the neighborhood.  Everyone wanted to be his friend and he never turned them down. 

He loved posing for pictures with all his friends and one of his favorite things to do, aside from wearing LiFE is NOW... tees, was trying on old clothes.  He loved that vintage stuff .  You know the stuff everyone else threw away.  He loved life and didn't care what other people thought of him or how he looked in his "vintage" clothes.

Surprisingly with all the sun he got everyday he was relatively pale though.  He engaged in life every day; taking note of who came and went, and immersing himself in every moment.  Sam would be a watch dog and stand guard in the front yard for hours and never complain.  He truly was the best.

But, then one day Sam disappeared.  His friend, and the whole neighborhood were sad; but, Sam taught them all a lesson that day; that  tomorrow is never guaranteed so don't wait for it.  You have to enjoy every day with your friends. 

Sam is always here with us at LiFE is NOW... reminding us of what he taught us on that fateful day.  We were lucky to have found a vintage sketch of Sam (shown above) that we are certain he would want us to share with everyone.  

Maybe you have some old photos of him (or his cousins) living life to the fullest; and if  you do, send them to us so we can post them on our site showing all the fun you had with him.

Our Sam would love that!


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