The Best is Yet to Come…REALLY?

The Best is Yet to Come…REALLY?

Quite often we hear the saying "the best is yet to come" in a song, a conversation or even reading it in a novel.  At first glance this statement is a happy positive reflection that no matter what is going on right now there will always be something better forthcoming (perhaps it gives us solitude and hope); but do we know that...really?  
Frank Sinatra asking if the best is yet to come
Think about it for a moment; "the best is yet to come".  
What's wrong with right now?  
How do we know the best is still out there? 

Doesn't that make light of the beauty and wonder we have in our lives right now?  For example, the wife or husband you married 5 years ago, the friends you've made, or the baby you now share your life with. 

Doesn't this statement laugh in the face of all that you've worked for and cherish right now?  

What about just a beautiful day you've woken up to with the sun rising from below the horizon and mist rolling on the ocean from the night's work.  Do we know there will ever be another beautiful day that is better than this one?  Can you really say that "better awaits us"?

Should we then relegate ourselves to the fact that what we have right now is simply mediocre; since "the best" hasn't arrived yet?

We challenge you to laugh in the face of this statement and make what you have right now "the best".  Then if tomorrow shows up, do the same again.  This way every day will be great and you'll never have to worry that today is mediocre and if you can just hang on to some future time...surely the best will arrive then.

This is not to say that good times and perhaps better times won't arrive in the future; just that it may not be wise to hold out for it when what you have and experience right now may be your best; and that's ok.

LiFE is NOW... Make it your best!

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