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Ego is a powerful concept.

It drives people to climb to the tops of their professions. It makes us feel good and happy. It fuels creativity.

And, as powerful a positive driving force it can be, it is also a powerful divisive and eroding force. 

You see, as much as ego lifts us up and drives us; any assault on our ego barricades the soul and we lash out at those perceived attackers. “How could they knock me down or embarrass me like that?” 

The ego just took a hit.

The ego is divisive. It makes us think we are better than another. It creates hate and resentment. Hate toward those perceived below us, that don’t meet our standards; and resentment toward those perceived to have been made better than us. 

Sure we may be in a better place than someone else but does that really justify our behavior of treating someone with hate. We may also be in worse perceived place than someone else; so does that justify resenting them for their success? Or, can we set aside our ego and be happy for them? 

Have you ever met someone who acts tough and lashes out; or acts like the  bully?  Chances are they’ve got a heavily bruised ego. Likely years of having their egos damaged either from trying to be someone they’re not or resenting people they perceive are better than themselves. They act tough to protect their ego.

They may also have a large heart; but they won’t let anyone see this side so as to continually protect the ego.

It’s time to drop the barricades, melt/cool down the ego.  Defending the ego takes massive amounts of energy to always be on alert and to always keep up the story of who we want people to see, rather than the simple plan of showing people who you really are.

It takes less energy to be honest with yourself and the world than to remember the details of a lie. 

It’s also easier to love than it is to hate.

LiFE is NOW…

Set aside the ego.

Sink Hate | Raise Love
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Insightful, thank you

Kim Moroney

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