One Human, Snowballs and a Paradigm Shift?

One Human, Snowballs and a Paradigm Shift?

Recently a black man offered his opinion on how he thought the world could be a better place.  His sentiments echoed those of our own.  Now, the mere fact that we have to indicate the person speaking was "black" is sad in and of itself (as color should not play a role in defining our ability to be moral, just and kind); but in order to illustrate the segregated nature of reality, it is noted. 

This particular individual (paraphrasing here) said, 'As soon as we start looking at each other as human beings (not black, not white or any other color) and as Americans, things will get better'. 


Think about it. It has to start somewhere.  Someone, somewhere, somehow has to set aside egos and past perceptions and begin to look at others in a different light.  One person, one human being looks at another and acknowledges them as a fellow human; not a different race or religion or some sort of hurdle to overcome or burden to carry.  Simply a fellow being, just like them. 

That person, in turn, then looks to another and the same shift occurs; and it snowballs.  This is the beginning of the "Paradigm Shift".

paradigm shift, human, one world, one race

What we mean by a paradigm shift is we all need to start considering things from a different perspective.  Set aside our preconceptions and egos and simply be human.

A paradigm is defined as a typical pattern, a standard, perspective or set of ideas.   They are beliefs that go unchallenged for generations.  We grow up being taught certain thinking patterns and ideas based on our community, schools, family or friends.  Our thoughts may change over time from life experiences or they may be further ingrained.  In either case, what if the ingrained patterns of thought (the paradigms) are outdated, immoral or just plain off?  What if the paradigms shifted?

And, what if the thinking patterns and perspective of everyone shifted in the same direction?  No black, no white, no democrat, no republican; just humans being human.  One human race; moral and invincible.

It has been noted that perhaps ...the greatest barrier to a paradigm shift, in some cases, is the reality of paradigm paralysis: the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking…

We believe as intelligent and emotional beings we can overcome this barrier. 

LiFE is NOW...Help Shift the Paradigms

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