Is Your Life a TV Series?

Is Your Life a TV Series?

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Is your life a TV series?  Unless you are an actor playing a character in the series, likely not.

So, why live like you are? 

Being part of a cast of characters with their lives predetermined and written in a script they know when their role has ended, when the character is put to bed for the last time.  They can start planning their next role. 

Our lives are not written in a script and we have no idea when the last show will be, when we'll be written out of the series or if our character will be in a TV coma.  So, why do we live as if we know we have more time? 

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Enjoy the moment.  What we have now is what we have now.  Nothing more.  Nothing less. 

Tomorrow the director might have a script change. 

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