Happy New Year DATE ??

Happy New Year DATE ??

Happy New Year is the salutation we send to our friends, family and strangers each year at this time as if the past year ended and a brand new year is beginning.  But isn’t it the same life?  Just a different year Date?

Often times we look back and discard the prior year as one we would not like to relive.  Then forward as if we are not the same people; the days moving ahead will not be our lives and that somehow the year ahead will be the best ever.  But, is it really a New Year or simply a new year Date?  Time has not stopped.  A new life has not begun.  Keep charging forward in your life and be thankful for the years behind you for they shaped the person you are.  Continue moving ahead reinventing yourself and be thankful for the opportunity to do so.  Growing older is a privilege not offered to many.  Each day is one more day you get to be yourself, or better yourself.

We mark the end of 365 days with the ringing in of a “new” year, new lives, new resolutions and saying goodbye to the prior year in the hope of bigger and better.  We would challenge you, however, to take smaller bites and focus on each moment and each day that comes and immerse yourself in it; be the person you want to be, do the things you want to do.  Don’t wait until the end of the “old” year and the beginning of a “new” to start.  It may never come.

They say the only way to really change or alter a situation is to be consistent in your efforts and make something a habit.  We are encouraging you to make LiFE a habit.  Every day and every moment try to be the best person you can be.  Don’t wait for 365 days to elapse to recognize your self worth.  We get so few “365 days”; that waiting for a year to engage in life and be who you are is simply way too long.  A year is a long time to wait for an arbitrary action date before getting in the game. 

365 days really is a long time!  Imagine spending that amount of time in a holding cell, or on a deserted island waiting for help and it gives you a sense of the weight of the amount of time. 

Perhaps for some this new year is a resetting of their positivity and their goals.  This may be enough for them, but for the majority of us we should be doing this every day that we get to wake up each morning.  Making a habit of living life to the fullest and being the best person we can be. 

So, Happy New Year DATE to all

LiFE is NOW…get in the game. 

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