Do shadows define you?

Do shadows define you?

Shadows.  Do they define you?  Should they?

shadow of dog and man in field

Seeing our shadow confirms we exist and lets us know we are a part of life.  We cannot cast a shadow without being present.  Sometimes, however, it appears we take this for granted, since it is expected to be there and therefore we never even notice it.

Shadows, like LiFE are highly subjected to perspective, as they appear different depending on the viewpoint and circumstances of when and where they occur.  Perspective plays a large role in shadow gazing as it does in LiFE.  What is your perspective?

Sometimes shadows are cast by someone else, for example an older sibling or rival.  We fight our entire lives trying to get out from under that shadow and be seen.  Maybe if we take a simple step to the side, change course slightly, we would rid ourselves of the shadow. Or maybe if we just be ourselves, without comparing to others; worrying what others think and let our own light shine we can cast our own light to the world and not have to worry about the shadows of others.

Do shadows make us better?  One way to eliminate a rival's shadow is to be better, correct?  We can work and train harder, focus on us rather than them, practice and be the best at what we do.

Should we let shadows shape and define us?  We will leave that up to your own circumstance, but perhaps we should just sit back and simply enjoy the shadows and acknowledge them for what they are rather than how they define us.

LiFE is NOW... search for shadows.


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