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LiFE is NOW...

LiFE is NOW Tire Cover

LiFE is NOW Tire Cover

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You live your life in the moment why not tell the world with our custom tire covers. LiFE is NOW...Wherever you are. 

* Made in the USA

* Made to order 

* Click on the  Tire Size Chart and find your tire size then choose the appropriate vendor cover size. 

* Once your order is made with us we will coordinate with the vendor to get you your custom tire cover. 

* Please CONTACT us if you would like the Pride Tire Cover. 

* Please read the excerpts below from the vendor. 

* Please remember these are custom made for you, but Returns (defective & non-defective), Exchanges and Order Cancellations will be handled by LiFE is NOW… see below for important information from the vendor. 

* For your convenience we’ve highlighted important information about your order, returns, shipping etc.

  • Receipt of your new custom made tire cover is approximately 7-14 days
  • If you have a Non-Defective return notify us immediately as we have 24 hours to notify the vendor
    • 20% restocking fee
  • If you have a Defective return notify us immediately as we have 7 days to notify the vendor
  • If you have an item for Exchange notify us immediately
    • Shipping back to the vendor is at customer cost.
    • $44 shipping and handling for returning new item to customer
  • Cancellation of an order must be done immediately. If any part of process has begun, there is a 25% fee. Shipping costs and remainder will be refunded.

In ALL instances the item must be un-used and undamaged.  The vendor recommends using a plastic bag on the tire if you are testing the fit 

Notes from the vendor: 

When you get a tire cover from us you get quality resolution.  We use the latest computer programs and make sure our graphics are in vector form before printing them.

Our quality tag shown by the actual manufacturer (Covers by HBS) along with made in the USA printed on it. 

UV resistant inks used combined with the use of vector graphics to ensure you are getting the best tire cover on the market for a few more dollars.

We use a strong elastic band that ensures this won't blow off and is professionally sewn in.   Hand sewn into the marine grade vinyl is how we make sure your product stays where it should.

This cover does not accommodate a back up camera port

 2 Year Limited Warranty

The 2 year limited warranty on materials and craftsmanship from the date that your order was shipped is when the warranty will start.  Craftsmanship relates to the the stitching of the elastic band or tubing bead that circles the face of the tire cover.  All of our tire covers are made here in our factory in the U.S.A. and we stand behind our product because of our tedious attention to detail that results in delivering a quality product.  We use marine grade vinyl common in the watercraft industry.  Combined with UV resistant inks we are giving you the best possible product using the best ingredients.  All of our logos are licensed and official unlike other websites.  We are the original  [the vendor]don't be fooled by imposters that claim they are #1 in the industry. 


OUR TIRE COVERS ARE NOT INTENDED TO GO THROUGH ANY AUTOMATIC CAR WASH.  IT WILL DAMAGE THE TIRE COVER EITHER FROM FORCE OR FROM CHEMICALS IN TODAY'S SOAPS AND WILL NOT BE RETURNABLE.  We are not responsible for damage to tire covers that fall off and get damaged while driving because they weren't secured to a spare tire properly.  Backing into objects or branches and rubbing that causes punctures and ripping voids the limited warranty.  Sharp objects can destroy the tire cover and are not part of this warranty.  Please don't dry the tire cover in a dryer as it may cause damage to the product as-well-as leaving ink stains in your dryer.  We aren't responsible for damages to your appliances if you choose to wash your tire cover in a washer, dryer or dishwasher. 

Please note the following as this will determine if we accept your return.

-  Wrap your spare tire with a PLASTIC GARBAGE BAG.  This will keep your tire cover in new & returnable condition (clean and free of dirt, grease and/or tire rubber smudges).  Oil from the tire has a tendency to bleed through the vinyl and can discolor the vinyl and your graphics.  This is something that [the vendor] will not cover under the warranty.

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