Food, Wine & Tables

Food, Wine & Tables

Navonna Dinner SpotFood, wine & tables are the glue that keeps society together.  Many times we think of what LiFE is supposed to conjur in our minds and alot of times people immediately think "bucket list" and accomplishing challenging endeavors but recently sitting down to dinner with family and friends, conversing at the table over good food and wine; it was obvious - LiFE was truly NOW and it was great.  Energy flowed, laughter abound, no pretentiousness, egos, or attitudes; just enjoying the time.  The clocks ceased to exist and time stood still.  We were in the "zone".  It didn't matter what else was going on because at that moment we were all engaged in the NOW.

There is something about the primal need to gather, meet, drink and eat that produces boundless energy and focus.  

Next time you sit down with family and friends (or hopefully both at once) engage and enjoy.  After all LiFE is NOW...

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