Ever have a LiFE is NOW moment?

Ever have a LiFE is NOW moment?

I have.  Friend of mine who was in mid 30’s at the time told me they found advanced staged cancer and had to operate and put him on chemo.  I was devastated.  Could it happen to me, to someone in my family?  Yes it could, I thought.  The decision was made.  I continued my drive home from work (which I wasn’t all that happy with) and said to my wife; “We’re going to Italy!!”.  We did.

We travelled by train throughout Italy’s northern tier and visited such beautiful and world reknowned vistas such as the Cinque Terre, Venice, Montepulciano, Florence and Siena while we savoured the sites, smells, tastes and embracing the warm and enlivening italian spirit.

We arrived at our hotel in Venice wedged at the corner of “Canal” & “Canal” and we were graciously welcomed by our hosts as only the Italians can welcome someone to their home.  We stayed several days at Hotel Riva and loved it.  Click the link and book your trip now.  No time like the present.

Venice mesmerizes, confuses, frustrates and enchants.  With every turn there is a chance of losing yourself in years of history and love or just plain getting lost.  Other times  you are rewarded for your hard work of wandering and meandering with absolute gems such as this photo created by elegant facades and most of all timing.   With all its twists and turns Venice never disappoints.

We continued our tour of Italy for over two weeks and had the great fortune to meet and spend time with relatives whom we’d only heard of and received letters from.  Regardless of the inability to formally communicate with language we didn’t need that with family.  You can see the life and happiness in their expressions and the sadness in the eyes when it was time to leave; both emotions become driving forces to return and see them again. 

We finally arrived for the last leg of our spectacular journey in Rome to meet the family and we spent much of our time with them travelling on scooters through the narrow streets and taking in the breathtaking sites of thousands of years of history. 

One of the truly great locations in Rome is the area of Trastevere which over thousands of years has kept its historical perspective of a true Romanesque city.  It is raw and gritty and brimming with life. 

You may find it confusing and sometimes in ruin until you turn the corner from a shadowed narrow street into the sunshine of a piazza and find a vista such as the one depicted here. 

Trastevere Window Box

I guess the take away from this story is in every interaction, every moment that occurs there are opportunities from which to learn and grow but only if you are mindful enough to realize it.  These moments can be a catalyst for you.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about doing something but don’t think the time is right.  When this occurs, take a moment and think about this story.
LiFE is NOW… make it happen!
Let us know your LiFE is NOW… Moment.
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