Sometimes you just have to say "Fuck it"

Sometimes you just have to say "Fuck it"

There, we said it.  Yes, sometimes you just have to say "Fuck it". 

Fuck it and take a chance.  No hemming.  No hawing.  Just saying "yes" and moving forward.  So many times we are asked to participate in something and we think about it, then we talk to others about it, then we re-think about it some more and lo and behold the moment is gone and we've missed our opportunity.  No new adventure.  No new knowledge. No new memories created.  


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Sure, we have reservations about jumping off the bridge without looking but sometimes you have to trust the person asking you.  Trust they are your friend and would not put in harm's way or bring you to an event that didn't align with who you are.  People seem to always say the biggest regrets are the chances you didn't take. 

There are certainly other times when “Fuck it” works to our benefit.  Like times when you’ve been embroiled in an endless argument where there is no winner. The turmoil seems to go around in circles with no end in sight.  Best, perhaps to say “Fuck it” and walk away.  Reduce the negative impact on your life and move on. 

Some of the best "Fuck its" come when you decide to take that trip you've been planning for the last "many" years. 

We hope this little 6-Letter phrase helps you as you move onward in LiFE.  We've created products to help you say...

“Fuck it, LiFE is NOW…”


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