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All Human – All Same

All Human – All Same

It seems the smaller the world gets the more divisive we become.

When did we forget the most important ingredient in this global melting pot is that we are All Human; and we are All the Same.

Take for example the photo above; you can tell there are humans in the photo but you can’t tell their religion, race, financial status or beliefs; only that they are humans. It makes sense that we should see the world through the same silhouette-type glasses. No filters for sexual preference or beauty, but seeing people as they are; Human.

We’re only on this rock for a very short time; be good to others, have fun and enjoy the ride.

For this reason we created 2 new designs to help get the word out – All Human / All Same


Food, Wine & Tables

navona_dinnerspot_c -resizeFood, wine & tables are the glue that keeps society together.  Many times we think of what LiFE is NOW… is supposed to conjur in our minds and alot of times people immediately think “bucket list” and accomplishing challenging endeavors but recently sitting down to dinner with family and friends, conversing at the table over good food and wine; it was obvious – LiFE was truly NOW and it was great.  Energy flowed, laughter abound, no pretentiousness, egos, attitudes; just enjoying the time.  The clocks ceased to exist and time stood still.  We were in the “zone”.  It didn’t matter what else was going on because at that moment we were all engaged in the NOW.

There is something about the primal need to gather, meet, drink and eat that produces boundless energy and focus.  Next time you sit down with family and friends (or hopefully both at once) engage and enjoy.  After all LiFE is NOW…


Consequences; can they be good?

When we hear the word “consequences” it elicits a connotation of something bad.  But, can consequences and our perspective of them be altered for good? We think so.

Consequences are merely a byproduct of an action; and we’re certainly all for action.  So why is it that when the word is brought up do we immediately feel like we’re in trouble?  Good question.

Some of it revolves around our perspective, brought on by years of thinking a certain way.  Some of it is that consequences do mean we’re in trouble.  Maybe we made a decision and threw caution and thought to the wind, acted and now we have to “face the consequences” of a poorly made decision.  What if, however, we were to change our perspective a bit, throw that same caution to the wind and choose wisely!?  Then our consequences would subsequently be good, right?

Taking more chances at life can bring more consequences. So let’s travel back to high school when we learned about the law of averages, add that to a change in perspective and take more chances.  Odds are we’ll find more “consequences” that are fun and beneficial to our well being.  Then keep doing it.  Parlay a small amount of good into something that happens every day.  And, pass it on!