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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every day should be this special when it comes to showing love. Tell the people you love. Time is fleeting; we’re not guaranteed we’ll get the chance later. Enjoy life; give love and embrace your loved ones.


NOW is becoming an important time


Such I truly sad and heart wrenching story out of CT; and something that has become a horrible thread in the fabric of our lives over recent years. One which we should not accept. We hear the news anchors, we see people posting and blogging about this and we say to ourselves that we will hug our kids a little longer and tell them we love them.

This kind of news is a constant reminder to us here at LiFE is NOW…® that life is not always good; but life is always NOW.  NOW becomes the moments you spend with family and friends that once were diluted with the stresses of daily living or the disagreements that shouldn’t really matter in the overall grand scheme.   NOW becomes the time of a changed perspective; when things that matter the most to you become your focus and are moved (if only temporarily) to the forefront of our minds. What we have to try and do is make that change in perspective a permanent one.

Bad things happen in life, don’t let things like guilt and regret be some of them. We have a choice (first thing is to recognize that we do) to be engaged in every moment and with those we hold dear.  Or we can opt to weave our way through life on autopilot and assume we will always have the ones we love and care about around us and the time to spend with them and tell them we care.  Some will counter that the greater you love, when it is lost it is harder than if you didn’t love so much.  On the other side of that argument, however, regret and guilt carry can carry a heavy burden as well and one which is difficult to unload.

These bad things in life help us to appreciate.   Without dark you are unable to appreciate light.   Without fear you are unable to appreciate courage and without hate you are unable to appreciate love.  Such tragic events helped form the perspective from which LiFE is NOW…® operates (Goodbye, Hello to my Dad).

There are no words nor actions that can help ease the sorrow and heart pain of those who remain.  We can only hope that time is kind to them.


Time keeps moving – do you?

Time continues to move whether we are or not.  We can be sitting, lounging, sleeping or standing motionless and time will continue to tick.  Each of us has only so much of it but we don’t know HOW much.  Maybe you’re thinking of making a change in your life but are afraid to “waste” time on something that might be the “wrong” thing for you; well maybe this will help. 

Consider your current path in life a straight line to your figurative desitination.  You’re obviously thinking of making a change so this path is obviously not doing it for you, but you’re afraid to step to the side and take another path… why?  Perhaps you’re thinking it will be wasted time.  Well, time keeps moving whether you stay on this path or take another.  It doen’t care whether you use it or waste it.  So, why not keep moving, step to the side and follow another path.  If in the end you don’t like that path, take another one or come back to the one you started on.  Either way time continues to move on and at some point in the future you can still on the same unsatisfying path or be experiencing another.  Your choice. 


“Time and tide wait for no man”

“Time and tide wait for no man” is something my grandfather used to say when I was moving slower than he thought I should have been moving and we were late for something.  As a child I never grasped its full meaning, I just figured he was just being a nagging adult.  But as I grew older the proverb became more and more relevant.  It has multiple uses.  For example “time” and “tide” truly are on their own agenda.  In addition, “aging”, “daylight”, “darkness” and most of all the grand daddy (no pun intended here) of them all…”life”.    Life, too, is truly is on its own agenda.  We don’t know how long it will last or how good it might be.  At least time, tide and daylight, relatively speaking are predictable in there actions, whereas life is holds all the cards.
So, what can we take away from this “nagging” proverb?  Well, we are truly grateful for being here alive and breathing but we have no idea how long this merry-go-round ride will last.  It is true that it can be troublesome and grueling at times but in the grand scheme of things it’s a pretty great ride and we should enjoy it to its fullest because who really knows whether or not “life will wait for a man”.  Are you willing to risk finding out?
LiFE is NOW… don’t forget that.