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Do You Wear Other People’s Shoes?

other peoples shoes_png


Have you ever had an interaction with someone and walked away scratching or shaking your head?

The reaction you received may have been less than pleasant or simply not what you expected. The next time this happens try putting yourself in their shoes. Then maybe you can understand the reasoning behind their reaction to you.

We have to remember that we are not the centers of the universe and not everything only happens to us. Other people are out there living too. They have their bad days and good days just like us.  Not everyone is waiting around for us to show up and ask them a question.

Try not to go overboard, though and focus only on others.  Do, however, focus on yourself and be healthy and happy, but balance it out with others as they matter as well.

LiFE is NOW…Wear Other People’s Shoes


Do Shadows Define You?

A man and his dog
A man and his dog

Shadows.  Do they define you?  Should they?

Seeing our shadow confirms we exist and lets us know we are a part of life.  We cannot cast a shadow without being present.  Sometimes, however, it appears we take this for granted, since it is expected to be there and therefore we never even notice it.

Shadows, like LiFE are highly subjected to perspective, as they appear different depending on the viewpoint and circumstances of when and where they occur.  Perspective plays a large role in shadow gazing as it does in LiFE.  What is your perspective?

Sometimes shadows are cast by someone else, for example an older sibling or rival.  We fight our entire lives trying to get out from under that shadow and be seen.  Maybe if we take a simple step to the side, change course slightly, we would rid ourselves of the shadow. Or maybe if we just be ourselves, without comparing to others; worrying what others think and let our own light shine we can cast our own light to the world and not have to worry about the shadows of others.

Do shadows make us better?  One way to eliminate a rival’s shadow is to be better, correct?  We can work and train harder, focus on us rather than them, practice and be the best at what we do.

Should we let shadows shape and define us?  We will leave that up to your own circumstance, but perhaps we should just sit back and simply enjoy the shadows and acknowledge them for what they are rather than how they define us.

LiFE is NOW…® search for shadows.



Noticing NOW in the North End, Boston

Bocca North End

Every time we’re not roaming this beautiful land with our heads and eyes firmly fixated on our phones; take the time to look around at the world.  You might be surprised at all its wonder and beauty.  Even (and most often always) the best images we come across are during times when most of us would rather be inside and away from the elements.

However, as this image (captured in the snow in the North End of Boston) can attest; the world can be a beautiful and peaceful place.

LiFE is NOW…appreciate it

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Gas cans and life?

What do gas cans have to do with life?  Well, depending on where you encounter them, a lot.  Recently we heard a story of how an innocuous gas can made someone’s life flash before their eyes.

Picture yourself driving to work, listening to your favorite talk radio show as you’ve done every weekday for the past several years.  Rain, snow, sleet and bumper to bumper traffic are no match for your quick witted driving skills.  Hell, you’re experienced. You’re a pro; and you’ve driven this route some many times with no mishaps, accidents or flying middle fingers.  gas-canSure you’ve been aggravated and may have even cussed a few times; but each day you managed to find your way to work then reverse the whole process and make your way safely home again.  You’re so good that you’ve managed to transform your driving into auto pilot, but then one day weaving your way effortlessly through stop and go traffic and finding some open road you’re cruising at 70 mph when all of a sudden in the middle of the road is (you guessed it) that innocuous bright red gas can.  No time and no space are afforded and suddenly the gas can finds it way under your car and forces you to find your way to the breakdown lane to assess the situation.

A few quick adjustments and you’ve managed to dislodge yourself from the can, and with no apparent damage, you’re back on your way to your favorite coffee shop where you order the usual and take a seat to caffeinate the morning (as if you really needed it).  It is now and only now you begin to shake uncontrollably and realize today could have been the end.  Had you done all that you were put on this earth to accomplish?  Was this it? Was this how it was going to happen; alone in your car, rush hour traffic and taken out by a gas can!?

Every day we have an opportunity to experience life and engage in living and each day we have gas cans in our paths that force us to maneuver and reassess; yet we still manage to shrug off the initial shock and again adjust our settings back to autopilot and continuously miss out on some of life’s true gems.

Don’t be sidelined by a gas can.  Engage everyday.  Notice the moments.  After all LiFE is NOW…®