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Can you appreciate a diner seat?

diner bar stools

We travel through LiFE on auto pilot and miss noticing NOW. We challenge you to take time out to look around during your busy life and appreciate the little things that go on around you. Remind yourself you are still here and alive. Open your senses to the malleable world around you and let go of the busy work keeping you occupied as you pass from moment to moment.

We walk into a diner, sit down grab our phones, order our meal and get down to the busy work of occupying ourselves until it’s time to eat.  Sure we may interact with the server, but we bet you have no idea what color shirt they are wearing or even if they are male or female. Once eating is complete, pay the check and walk into the next the occupy-able moment. We may even be sitting on the very diner counter bar seat seen the picture above; but do we notice the old-time character, craftsmanship or color?  We think not.  Next time you’re forced to participate in the ritual of eating out, take time to notice the server’s shirt color or the classic craftsmanship of a diner counter bar seat.

Can you appreciate a diner seat?  We think so.

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