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Be Mindful

Be Mindful


Be Mindful.  We hear it all the time.  It’s supposed to be good for us.  Good for stress reduction, heart health and concentration.  But what the hell does it mean?  It actually can be an oxymoron of sort.  Be Mindful; or Exist with a Full Mind.  Huh?, How is having a full mind supposed to help stress.  Isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place?  Full mind = stress, correct?

On the contrary, being mindful IS actually beneficial for stress reduction and overall health.  In the simplest of terms it means being present in the moment; paying attention and not worrying about the things that have passed or those that have not occurred.  In the most detailed of terms there are bodily function changes that we’re certain have been captured and analyzed by countless physicians and yogis over the centuries but we’ll not venture down that road for we are mere makers of t-shirts and tanks and preachers of the under appreciated oxymoron that is “Be Mindful”.  And, by the use of the word “preacher” we take no responsibility for bringing religion to the masses but merely attempting to voice what many already know, few appreciate and even less practice and that is that LiFE is NOW…®; and to Be Mindful is to practice just a small piece of this wonderful concept that LiFE exists only in the moment you are in therefore why not be so present in that moment that you get the absolute best out of it?!  By practicing to Be Mindful you’ve taken your attention away from those things that do not exist in the LiFE moment in which you are and focused all of your attention on making that particular moment the best in can be for you and everyone in contact with you.  Be Mindful = Happy.

Ok, so how do we do it?  Well you can go to our home page and visit “Be Mindful” links and check out the resources available to help you get started on the road to Be Mindful.

So, please try to remember LiFE is NOW…® Be Mindful

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Canine Stress Relief

But it tastes sooooo good!

So you’re having a bad day, stressed from work or family or are just tired and can’t seem to focus and everything is bothering you….BUT wait, you have a dog.  Stop!  Take a moment and  play with them, enjoy them and watch your stress melt away.

It only takes a moment of conscious effort to realize you’re wires are fraying. Once that is done you can begin to appreciate those stress relieving and energy lifting moments that are happening right in front of you.

Tell me you can’t smile when your best canine friend gets caught doing something they know they shouldn’t and they have that look in their eye. Or the times when you’re stressed out reading the paper or watching the news and big wet nose with a slobbery favorite throw toy is strategically stuffed into your lap under your paper; and you lift the paper only to see those longing eyes begging you to engage and play.

It’s like a furry, slobbery reminder every day that says “LiFE is NOW…™ Come play”.