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Canine Stress Relief

But it tastes sooooo good!

So you’re having a bad day, stressed from work or family or are just tired and can’t seem to focus and everything is bothering you….BUT wait, you have a dog.  Stop!  Take a moment and  play with them, enjoy them and watch your stress melt away.

It only takes a moment of conscious effort to realize you’re wires are fraying. Once that is done you can begin to appreciate those stress relieving and energy lifting moments that are happening right in front of you.

Tell me you can’t smile when your best canine friend gets caught doing something they know they shouldn’t and they have that look in their eye. Or the times when you’re stressed out reading the paper or watching the news and big wet nose with a slobbery favorite throw toy is strategically stuffed into your lap under your paper; and you lift the paper only to see those longing eyes begging you to engage and play.

It’s like a furry, slobbery reminder every day that says “LiFE is NOW…™ Come play”.