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Christmas Cancer

Christmas Vignette

Today was an eye opener.  While sitting in a hospital waiting room that was adjacent to a cancer center entrance I sat in awe as I watched the parade of people walk into the center.  Some walked alone.  Some had a loved one.  All walked with a purpose.  I witnessed a elderly couple slowly make their way up the ramp using each other for support.  How many years had they been together, loving and caring for each other?  Who was the one needing treatment?  Another couple in their mid 50’s entered and it was clear who the patient was; as she was donning a bandanna to hide the affects of chemotherapy likely.  But they were both there; one to fight and the other for love and support. This was 2 days before Christmas.  I wondered; did they know or care it was Christmas or was it just another day in the fight to live?

The emotional parade continued and reminded me how thankful some of us are.  Especially during this season with family and friends.  We sometimes take ourselves, our status in life, our health and those we love for granted.  And, sometimes it takes something so wrong, as cancer, to set the perspective compass on the right course.  Perhaps, in a tragically fortunate way these Christmas Cancer patients have learned a lesson about life; to Own it, Live it and Love it; for tomorrow is never guaranteed.

May you have a Happy, Healthy and Merry Christmas!

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Do Shadows Define You?

A man and his dog
A man and his dog

Shadows.  Do they define you?  Should they?

Seeing our shadow confirms we exist and lets us know we are a part of life.  We cannot cast a shadow without being present.  Sometimes, however, it appears we take this for granted, since it is expected to be there and therefore we never even notice it.

Shadows, like LiFE are highly subjected to perspective, as they appear different depending on the viewpoint and circumstances of when and where they occur.  Perspective plays a large role in shadow gazing as it does in LiFE.  What is your perspective?

Sometimes shadows are cast by someone else, for example an older sibling or rival.  We fight our entire lives trying to get out from under that shadow and be seen.  Maybe if we take a simple step to the side, change course slightly, we would rid ourselves of the shadow. Or maybe if we just be ourselves, without comparing to others; worrying what others think and let our own light shine we can cast our own light to the world and not have to worry about the shadows of others.

Do shadows make us better?  One way to eliminate a rival’s shadow is to be better, correct?  We can work and train harder, focus on us rather than them, practice and be the best at what we do.

Should we let shadows shape and define us?  We will leave that up to your own circumstance, but perhaps we should just sit back and simply enjoy the shadows and acknowledge them for what they are rather than how they define us.

LiFE is NOW…® search for shadows.



“Relative Perspective”

“Relative Perspective”. What is it? A simple concept really wherein we gain the individual realization that we are not the only human on earth with a brain and the ability to conjur opinions and feelings; and that there may, in fact, be an alternate perspective on a certain issue. Followed by further realization, once it is agreed there could be a differing opinion, that the other opinion may be relative to the discussion at hand. Ok, enough philosophical lingo.

For example, an inane argument as to whether or not a particular car is red or maroon. Who cares!?  The two people involved in the argument waste precious time bickering when the color is relative to the perspective of each differing person. While it is a simple concept to grasp it is a difficult concept to actively practice and most difficult with those having a fuller sense of self and feeling that their opinion is the only one that matters or their way is the only way something should or could be.

It is difficult to stop and think at a particular challenging moment and agree their may be another way of looking at it.  But try it!  When we open our minds the possibilities become endless. It all becomes relative. One’s view becomes a “relative perspective” from which to see the world. Arguments melt away because it doesn’t matter anymore.

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