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Ironically…LiFE got in the way

Esther Island Nantucket

We’ve preached to live every moment to the fullest.  Some people will take that to mean you must travel the world; see unique and isolated places, take selfies and post your travels on every possible social media outlet; and try to generate as much social media envy as possible.  But…. what if you do not have the financial means or the vacation time to accomplish this? What if you have family responsibilities?  What if, ironically, LiFE gets in the way?

We’d say your firmly entrenched with the majority of the world population.  Not all of us can drop it all (work, family, friends…not to mention money) and disappear for months at a time.  So, for those of us who have full time jobs, kids in college, kids at home, and a lack of untethered financial freedom, here are 5 simple ways you can live in the moment, enjoy the day and maybe take your mind on the trip you can’t afford. 

  1. Enjoy your morning coffee.   Sure, the morning coffee is something most of us crave and it definitely gets you moving with its caffeinated jolt.  It might even get you moving toward your bucket list, family or financial goals.  But, sometimes this jumpstart leapfrogs us right over all the moments that make up an unforgettable morning with family and friends.  Definitely, keep looking forward to that morning jolt but during the process take time to listen to the coffee maker; smell the aroma in the air.  Take your cup of joe and watch the sun rise, feel the warmth of the rising sun on your face. Pause; enjoy the moments…then, go out and take on the world. 
  2. Turn on some music.  Don’t listen to the words; and simply rock on.  Or, listen to the words and let them take you on a journey Listen to the music
  3. Walk through a city and get lost.  Boston’s North EndVenice, Italy
  4. Activate your sense of smell.  Find your favorite bakery or coffee shop and stand outside and simply smell.  The intoxicating aromas will take you away. Perhaps to a Parisian cafe you once visited. If only for a moment.  Travel tip:  If you ever find yourself on Nantucket there is a place we like to call the best spot on the island.  No, its not a beach, restaurant or shop. It’s a small 1 foot x 1 foot section of a sidewalk located at 12 Broad Street set just below an exhaust fan vent outside of The Juice Bar.  When The Juice Bar is open during season and you are lucky enough to be able to pause under the vent fan; there is an unbelievable aroma that we can only say will make you smile.  Bad moods melt away.  
  5. Take a walk on a beach  and feel the sand in your toes, leave a message in the sand and feel the salt spray on your skin. There’s something healing about being near the ocean. Don’t take it from us; try it yourself. Bring a friend.  We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful location that comes alive in the spring, fall and summer months.  Families flock for the beaches during the summer.  Here’s a helpful list to some of the most recommended beaches.

An incredibly small sample of things to do when LiFE gets in the way.  But, enough to understand there’s really no need to travel the world to feel connected and validated.  The simple pleasures of daily living are enough if we pay attention to them. 

How do you stay in the moment when LiFE gets in the way? 



A Class Act

Met an old friend today.  It was a privilege to buy him coffee and spend some time with him. Not to mention enjoyable.  I felt like a local.  Sitting in the passenger seat of his pickup truck, chatting and watching the world go by on main street where Christmas decorations were abound on a beautiful Nantucket day. We just enjoyed the moment.
nantucket xmas tree1A_30 PaintA brief history of how the friendship came to pass.  I believe it was late 70’s early 80’s, some 30+ years prior when our families happened upon each other on vacation.  This further blossomed over the years as the patriarch’s of the family kept in touch, visited each other and I’m sure got themselves into some well deserved trouble.  They enjoyed each other’s company and it was clearly visible when they where together.  Unfortunately the link was broken when my father passed at an early age and we had to to say goodbye.  Our families kept in touch, however, but the embers of that mischievous friendship had been snuffed.  Fast forward 30+ years and here I am sitting in the passenger seat of my father’s old friend’s pickup truck, sipping coffee and solving the world’s problems.  What a LiFE!
This individual is a Son, Husband, Father, Grandfather; and to me and surely many more…A true friend.  He is a genuine human being; and just being in his presence makes you want to be a better person.  I cannot speak for anyone else, but I can tell you that when I walk away from an interaction with this individual I am smiling at the world.  If we do nothing else in the world, we must try to make other people happy or at least comfortable in our presence.  I say we call it “Being Ozzie”.
We’ve spoken about LiFE Prints© and how we should at least make a ripple in the world each day; well there is a perfect example of how to accomplish this.  My friend made some LiFE Prints© when he took time out of his day to spend time with me.  I walked away with a greater belief in the human spirit…a big smile and a happy heart.  I can’t say if I made quite that kind of impression on him but I’d like to think a “small” one.
There is not one single descriptive adjective to describe this individual and we’ve mentioned several above; suffice to say this man is…
LiFE is NOW…® Be Ozzie!