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“Time to Believe” – Michelle Greco

Singer – Time to Believe, Michelle Greco

What a great, inspirational idea for a song and one that fits nicely within our LiFE is NOW… concept.  There is no better time than NOW and if you want to accomplish something you must believe.  You must believe in whatever helps make your dreams come true, makes you take that next step toward your goals; and you must believe NOW.  Yesterday was too late and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

The lyrics are wonderful and the story behind the singer just as good (who by the way is currently waiting to see if her performance of this song will be used on an upcoming TV show – how cool is that!?).  She’s 12!  Yes, 12.  I know it doesn’t sound like it but she is.  She’s a 12 year old girl from Wall Township, NJ (she’s a Jersey Girl)  who for as long as I can remember has been performing and singing for anyone who will listen and even for those who aren’t.  She has recently progressed to the piano and has continued to learn for the last four years.  Not only is she a great little singer and performer, she is also a straight A student and she’s won local signing competitions and is a semi-finalist in the Big Jersey Joe Talent Competition.  She is also a supporter of LiFE is NOW… and vice versa!

Listen to the song.  Take note of the lyrics.  Share the music.  Download it to your mp3 player. Get the word out about Michelle Greco this talented 12 year old, and help send her on a dream.

Time to Believe

As noted above the song Time To Believe was a professional recording of an original song and Michelle is waiting to hear from a TV producer whether or not they want to use her song for their show.

What makes this story even better is this is a family affair.  This little 12 year old has honed her craft through the loving teachings of her mother who happens to be a professional classical singer who has had the unique privilege of working with some of the best singers and coaches from the Metropolitan Opera.  For over 20 years she has been performing professionally and for the last 10 has also been teaching both vocal and piano lessons.  You may have heard of one of her recent students who was on the 2011 X-Factor where she was a top 9 finalist in the country/pop group, “Lakoda Rayne”.

We hope to hear more from her most recent pupil, her daughter and we will say…

LiFE is NOW… it’s “Time to Believe”