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One Human, Snowballs and a Paradigm Shift?

Recently a black man offered his opinion to  how he thought the world could be a better place.  His sentiments  echoed those of our own.  Now, the mere fact that we have to indicate the person speaking was “black” is  sad in and of itself (as color should not play a role in defining our ability to be moral, just and kind); but in order to illustrate the segregated nature of reality it is noted. 

This particular individual (paraphrasing here) said, ‘As soon as we start looking at each other as human beings (not black, not white or any other color) and as Americans, things will get better’. 

Agreed.  Think about it! It has to start somewhere. Someone, somehow has to set aside egos and past perceptions and begin to look at others in a different light. One person, one human being looks at another and acknowledges them as a fellow human; not a different race or religion or some sort of hurdle to overcome or burden to carry. Simply a fellow being, just like them. 

That person, in turn, then looks to another and the same shift occurs; and it snowballs.  This is the beginning of the “Paradigm Shift”.

What we mean by a paradigm shift is we all need to start considering things from a different perspective.  Set aside our preconceptions and egos and simply be human. Open our minds to alternatives.

A paradigm is defined as a typical pattern, a standard, perspective or set of ideas.  They are beliefs that go unchallenged for generations. We grow up being taught certain thinking patterns and ideas based on our community, schools, family or friends.  Our thoughts may change over time from life experiences or they may be further ingrained.  In either case, what if the ingrained patterns of thought (the paradigms) are outdated, immoral or just plain off?  What if the paradigms shifted?

And, what if the thinking patterns and perspective of everyone shifted in the same direction?  No black, no white, no democrat, no republican; just humans being human.  One human race,  moral and invincible.

It is noted that perhaps “…the greatest barrier to a paradigm shift, in some cases, is the reality of paradigm paralysis: the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking.”.

We believe as intelligent and emotional beings we can overcome this barrier.

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We’re all Playing in the Same Band ~


Spending more time these days in the online world, what with Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other blogs and forums I’ve begun to notice (which I’m sure you have but maybe just haven’t put the pieces together – it took me a while too) that as much as we all try to be different and unique which results sometimes in being judgmental toward others, we are very similar after all.

We suffer from the same ailments, similar family crises and work issues.  We have similar dreams and goals. The highly connected internet world not only has made the world a smaller place but if you look closely enough you will see that although we live in different countries, speak different languages and have different cultures, we are very similar indeed.  Blogs, posts, texts, tweets and forums have shed the light on the fact that we are not the only one in the world that has a sore shoulder, needs help installing a microwave or has a teenager that is acting up.

We try to march on with a stiff upper lip and being strong, thinking we can handle this alone since no one else has this exact problem confronting them, when in fact there are many of us out there suffering the same struggles.

It doesn’t matter where we live, what we look like or how we speak; we are human beings and as such have similar issues.  One can take this to the next logical step and say if we are all human beings and have similar struggles why not be less judgmental toward our fellow beings.  This is not to say that we don’t have differences and we should get along all the time; but maybe we look at these differences with a little less emphasis and cut the next person a break rather than berating them.  You never know what they are going through.  We don’t have to love everyone all the time but maybe perhaps we can be a bit kinder and make that particular moment a good one for both us and the person we’re interacting with.  It might be the exact issue you dealt with while leaving the house that morning.

Maybe this catches on and goes viral as we say in this new hi-tech world.  Wouldn’t that be nice. Monday morning headline:  “Non-Judgmental Kindness Goes Viral Overnight”.   Anger and hate certainly spread like wildfire.  The news is proof of that.  Why is it easier to spread hate than it is to spread kindness?  Perhaps it takes ourselves to let just a tiny bit of our deepest emotions show.  Maybe we’re afraid to show this softer emotional side as it may be perceived as weakness rather than kindness.  Who knows?

Try to remember that although we may dance to a different drum now and again, we are all uniquely similar and we’re all playing in the same band.

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