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Meet Ginny & Her Mom

Sunday – This happens to me quite a bit and one of the reasons I love travel. Let me set the stage.

We were visiting the Raleigh – Chapel Hill – High Point, North Carolina region visiting college campuses in the hope of finding the right one; or at least confirming the college of first choice and spreading the LiFE is NOW…® word.  This particular day saw us arriving in Chapel Hill just as their graduation was letting out. It was a gorgeous day and great to see all the families proud, smiling and celebrating while they traversed the main the drag. This is where the story begins.chapel hill-north carolina-life is now_sm

My daughter and I slipped in to Starbucks to visit the bathroom as we’d being driving and walking most of the day.  As we arrived at the bathrooms in the rear of the store my daughter found no line and was able to access the bathroom.  Fantastic! Plenty of people bustling about outside for Graduation Day and Mother’s Day weekend and she found an empty loo!  I too was lucky (or so I thought) as there was no line for the men’s bathroom; so I checked the door which was open, and proceeded to step forward until I was surprisingly warned by the current occupant! I jumped back, expressed my sincere apologies, reclosed the door and got back in line and informed my daughter of what had just occurred.  At that moment a young woman approached me with a southern drawl and explained it was her mom in the men’s bathroom and she apologized; then returned with her mom back to their table.

On our way out I saw the family sitting enjoying some time together and figured mom was distraught after the event in the loo and went over to apologize and assured them that “I’d forgotten about the whole ordeal”, wished them well and was on my way.

Monday– we spent most of the morning touring High Point University before making our way back to Raleigh airport to drop of the rental car and begin our journey home.

Once inside the airport we checked in, grabbed our bags and headed for security.  Here is where the story begins to ramp up.

While winding our way through the cattle fencing toward the X-ray machines and security post who do I spot in line? You guessed it; my friend from the bathroom at Starbucks a DAY earlier! And once again I reassured them “I’d forgotten all about the incident”.  We had a good laugh and went on our separate ways knowing they’d be heading somewhere south based on their accents while we were headed north.  Never to see each again. Wrong again. More ramping up, twist number two coming up ( brought to in part by the wonders of the hub airport system).

You see we were headed in opposites directions but…AFTER the next flight!!  Turns out they were ON OUR FLIGHT to the airline hub. Then off in separate directions we would go. Or would we?  Final twist.

As I was nearly last to board and my seat was the last one on the plane I was searching for overhead compartment space for my carry on (as I hate checking bags).  As I reached my final destination (seat# “rear lavatory”) I heard a voice call out “are you following us!?”  At which point I looked down and saw two old high school friends.  NO!  Come on!  You know who it was.  It was my BATHROOM BUDDIES !!!  In the seat in front of me!  We laughed again and figured we should at least introduce ourselves. So without further adieu meet Ginny (& her mom, my “awkward acquaintance”).

Ginny showing off her new LiFE is NOW...® Tank
Ginny showing off her new LiFE is NOW…® Tank

Ginny is posing with a LiFE is NOW…® “Apology” Tank.  It was the least I could do.

So with her infectious smile I hope she wears it and lives it and passes it on to all her friends and those that come in contact with her.

We wish them safe future travels, more quality time together and the opportunity LiVE LiFE NOW and meet more people of the world. And hope someday we meet again. Who knows maybe in a bathroom in Boston!