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Live Music…Do You Like it?

Live Jazz in great venue
Live Jazz in great venue

There’s something about LIVE music.  What it does to you.  What it does to your soul (not to mention your feet).  A good LIVE band can transform you and manipulate the moment so much that forgetting the real world exists is part of the journey.  Do you agree?

If you watch closely (assuming your taking in the show from a seated position, not the dance floor), you will notice small, subtle communication between the band members.  It’s as if they know what the other is thinking and where they’re going next.  Then you’ll see a member truly enjoying their craft.  You can tell; a smile, body language.  Soon, the entire band exudes this passion and their energy overflows into the crowd.  It’s palatable. It’s transforming.  A person can go to a LIVE concert in a foul mood and leave wanting to change the world.

LiFE is NOW…Go LIVE at a concert and immerse yourself in the moment.


What you can learn from paying attention to musical lyrics

Many of us are oblivious to the music around us while others can’t focus on anything but the music.  However, a lot of us are oblivious in LiFE.  Here’s that autopilot thing we always speak of.

Take a tip from those that can’t focus on anything but the music, and listen to the raw, powerful and emotional lyrics and then do the same with LiFE.

LiFE is NOW…®  Pay attention to the lyrics of everyday life.


If you don’t have a radio handy, try listening to some of these we’ve posted:

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