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Why wait to appreciate?

With what appears to be a recent string of high profile deaths it brings up a point that  has us confused. Why the sudden and voracious postmortem acknowledgement and praise. Rather than praising these people for being huge influences or being great at their craft, after they die; why not appreciate and praise them when they’re here to accept it?
Is it easier to do it this way?  Less work or energy than doing it while they’re alive? Or is it just cooler to be a passenger on the bandwagon, be part of the “in-crowd”, or get 15 minutes of fame?
I just seems to be such a waste of energy to fawn over and praise someone or some thing after it is gone.  This is not to say we shouldn’t recognize them and recognize the hole they left, but the time is NOW to recognize and the time is NOW to appreciate.
We implore you to get off the bandwagon, stop being a follower and spend your time appreciating the ones you love NOW; not after the bell has rung.
We don’t understand. Perhaps there are answers out there?

~LiFE is NOW…

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