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YOU, are the answer

There are many groups and people trying to save the environment, stop hatred, feed the poor, clean up the oceans and many others. It’s sad, really. Because it is a simple answer. YOU are the…

It’s sad that common sense has to be legislated

You are the answer. Take responsibility for your actions; each and every person. If everyone did the same thing many of our issues would disappear.

There is an old philosophy story that goes a bit like this; picture a college quad lawn, framed by walkways and cut into quarters by paths. Now, most people will not want to follow the pathways through or around the quad grass. They will want to get from point A to point B in the quickest time possible with the least amount of effort. So, what do they do? Rather than following the designated paths, they will cut through the grass to make the journey shorter. In their mind, they are the only people doing so; and they will reason with themselves that since they are the only one doing it what harm can be done. Right? Wrong. If everyone did this and reasoned in the same way eventually a new path would be worn and the grass would die.

So, everyone taking the approach that I’m the only one doing it, ‘what harm can be done?’ leads to unwanted change.

Let’s flip this belief on its head and widen its scope to racism, littering, hate, oceans, air, etc. What if rather than deciding to cut across the lawn, throw the trash in the ocean or unleash our hate; we stopped for a second and chose NOT to throw the trash in the ocean, or NOT to show hate?

What if we all took responsibility for our actions and other people witnessed this. Eventually, the norm would be to NOT cut across the grass. Such a shift in actions by one and, eventually many, can be a magnifying change everywhere. A shift in paradigms, per se. A shift toward a more humane society and better world.

LiFE is NOW…YOU, are the answer.


LiFE as we know it?

“LiFE as we know it” is a phrase that’s been around for years and is sometimes associated with the status of life prior to a significant change.  For example, “life as we know it will forever change once we have a space station on the moon”.  It can also be used to show life at the current time.

But…what if “life as we know it” is not how we want it?  What then?

Our LiFE is NOW… family is suggesting to recognize the moment you are living in presently and enjoy it for what it is; but what if you’re currently unsatisfied with that moment?  What if “life as we know it” isn’t all that great?

LiFE is NOW…remember is your “call to action”.  The moment is upon you and if you’re mindful enough to realize the current situation is unsatisfying then utilize that moment of recognition and turn your energy toward changing the current situation (and most certainly in a law abiding manner).  LiFE is NOW… is not just about the happy moments and capitalizing on them.  It is also a catalyst toward action.  That action, in this case, could be change.  Be mindful that you are unhappy with “life as we know it”  and take action to modify the situation.  A simple change may realize huge results or may lead to a life learning experience.

LiFE is NOW…make a change.