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Horseback Riding on the Beach

The saying goes, “kill two birds with one stone”; well, we slightly modified it but kept the same intent – “Cross off two Bucket List items in one trip”!  That trip was to the Bahamas where we were able to Swim with the Dolphins as well as Horseback Ride on the Beach.  If you’ve read the post Swim with the Dolphins then you know the weather was not all that accomodating for us on this trip or any trip for that matter, however the day we planned to ride horses on the beach the planets aligned and we had scorching sun, crystal clear caribbean waters and a long, beautiful stretch of sandy beach.  First dolphins now horses.  It is amazing to interact with another living organism other than human.  As you sit atop these magnificent creatures your attention is divided between taking in the absolutely gorgeous scenery around you and feeling the horse move and adjust below you.

Heading out along beach

We booked our excursion through Trikk Pony and Leo (the owner) was a gracious host.  In fact, she thought we only had two people in our party and had only two horses for the three of us, to which I indicated Bella and J should go and I would sit it out but the other group would not allow it, neither would Leo.  She drove us all back to the stables, picked up another horse and off we went to the beach.  I’m glad they all insisted.  It was magnificent.

We started out in a small wooded area that you could see likely led to a beach but you had no concept of what it was like as you exited from the shade of the trees onto a secluded white sand beach with nothing but caribbean water in front of you.

J riding along the beach

As we made our way along the beach the sun seemed to get hotter (if that was possible) but just as this was happening Leo indicated it was time to let the horses cool off and drink in the water.  Fantastic!  The horses waded into the water and you could feel the water creep its way up your feet, ankles and legs.

J entering the ocean as the sun got hotter

We spent nearly half the trip wading in the water which was magnificent since you could see clear through to the bottom and which was a bonus when a stingray decided to follow us.  We were told we  had to be careful as the horses do get spooked by the stingrays.  I tried to capture a photo but all I got was clear caribbean waves and dark image that could have been an old tee shirt underwater.  Too bad, it was amazing.

The group wading along the edge. Notice the water!!
J & Bella wading with horses
Our host, Leo
One of my favorite photos!

On our return trip we all stopped to admire a starfish on the sandbar.  Now, if you’re not from the tropics, the last sentence probably doesn’t get you all excited but trust me the starfish there were big and beautiful.  I was able to capture a photo of it.

Tropical Starfish

We had been talking about horseback riding on the beach for a long time, especially since J loves horses and has been riding for years.  This opportunity arose and we did not want to pass it up.  Neither should you.

LiFE is NOW…  ~ don’t you want to say “I did it”?


Swim with the Dolphins

The Bahamas.  Ah, the mere hint of the word conjures days of unending sun, sand and boat drinks.  True; but you’re not travelling with us!  We generally bring record breaking weather with us wherever we go.  That’s not to say we bring the “best” weather, just record breaking.  San Diego – 75 degrees year round, dry, not humid, sunshine and no rain, Ha.  Aruba – constant breezes, dry, warm sunshine and Caribbean waters, Ha again.  San Diego was cool, damp, rainy and rarely any sun (we had to stay another day just to get to the beach).  Aruba; it felt like downtown Boston in the middle of August.  Humid, stifling, no breeze.  The locals were saying that in all their lives they’ve never experienced weather like that.  Well, the Bahamas was no different.  It was cool and sometimes downright cold!  Windy, rainy and a high wind storm even blew in one afternoon.

Gale force winds closed the beaches. Notice the palm trees blowing in the wind.

Like I said, traveling with us is an experience in and of itself.

I tell you this because there was nothing that was going to stop us from Swimming with the Dolphins.  Yes, it was cold – but we had wetsuits.  Sure it was cloudy – but we have photoshop.  As long as the dolphins were swimming, so were we.  And glad we did.  What a fantastic experience.  We ended up taking a boat ride from our hotel through the canals that line the coast of Freeport and over to the site.

The company we used was called Unexso and it was situated right in the harbor at Freeport. It was also very close to our hotel the Pelican Bay Hotel at Lucaya as well as the marketplace where there were shops, restaurants and bars.  The staff at both Unexso and Pelican Bay were friendly and helpful.  Our room at the Pelican Bay overlooked part of the harbor and also allowed us to catch the sunsets in the evening.  Each morning they would deliver bread and a newsletter through a two-way cubby in the door to our room.  Pretty cool.

Door Cubby @ Pelican Bay, Bahamas

Once we were in the water with the dolphins we got the opportunity to swim with them, call and command them and they would perform tasks and tricks based on what we indicated in our signs.

Bella swimming with dolphin
J getting to dance with a dolphin
Me swimming with dolphin

In the end we got the chance to hug and ultimately kiss them.  One recommendation I would make is that the trainers give the dolphins some breath mints.  Getting up close and personal was fantastic but the fish gargle they use makes you not want to linger.  Or, at least only long enough to get a photo.  Here we are getting our kisses from our dolphin friends.

Kisses for Bella
Kisses for J
Kisses for Me

After swimming in the water with the dolphins and interacting with them I can only say that if you are anywhere near where they offer dolphin experiences like this “make it happen”!  What an amazing feeling to be swimming next to these guys. They are gentle, fun and incredibly intelligent.  Feel their skin, watch them look at you; and they always seem to have a smile on their face.  You will walk away with a better understanding of life in general.

In the end we did get some sun and were able to soak up some much needed warmth at the beach; as well as, crossing another item off the Bucket List and something J has always wanted to do – Horseback Riding on the Beach.  We made sure to soak up as much LiFE as we could regardless of the weather.

The sun finally showed up!

As you know, with the sun comes sunsets.  Sunsets truly are one of best things the universe has to offer; they command your attention.  They force you to stop in your tracks, focus on them and forget your worries while compelling you to simply appreciate NOW.  Not too many things can do the same.

Bahama Sunset

We hope you take the initiative to book your swim with the dolphins and cross it off your Bucket List!  Then you can say “I did it”.

LiFE is NOW…   –   Make it Happen





NY State of Mind…(watch video)

“I don’t have any reasons, left them all behind.  I’m in a New York State of Mind”

“It was so easy living day by day

Out of touch with the rhythm and blues

But now I need a little give and take

The New York Times, The Daily News”


Maybe NY is on your Travel Bucket List – This song will help get you there or at least in the proper “state of mind” to plan!

Leave your cares behind and dive in and engage in the vibrancies of LiFE.

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