Christmas Cancer

Christmas Vignette

Today was an eye opener.  While sitting in a hospital waiting room that was adjacent to a cancer center entrance I sat in awe as I watched the parade of people walk into the center.  Some walked alone.  Some had a loved one.  All walked with a purpose.  I witnessed a elderly couple slowly make their way up the ramp using each other for support.  How many years had they been together, loving and caring for each other?  Who was the one needing treatment?  Another couple in their mid 50’s entered and it was clear who the patient was; as she was donning a bandanna to hide the affects of chemotherapy likely.  But they were both there; one to fight and the other for love and support. This was 2 days before Christmas.  I wondered; did they know or care it was Christmas or was it just another day in the fight to live?

The emotional parade continued and reminded me how thankful some of us are.  Especially during this season with family and friends.  We sometimes take ourselves, our status in life, our health and those we love for granted.  And, sometimes it takes something so wrong, as cancer, to set the perspective compass on the right course.  Perhaps, in a tragically fortunate way these Christmas Cancer patients have learned a lesson about life; to Own it, Live it and Love it; for tomorrow is never guaranteed.

May you have a Happy, Healthy and Merry Christmas!

LiFE is NOW…Beat Cancer!