Leave your Egos & Attitudes at the door

leave ego at door_edited_no background_smallStill comparing yourself to others?  Whether you think you’re better than the other person or envious of them you’re not focused on you.  During time with family, friends and new acquaintances, this holiday season (and for the rest of your life for that matter) try leaving your egos, attitudes and judgments at the door and just enjoy what’s happening in front of you. You may find the anxieties melt away and the smiles come more frequently.  We all know its hard to do sometimes; especially with the vast social media world of information out there, but it’s worth it.

Try not to let clouded perceptions of reality created by ego and attitudes get in the way of having a good time.  Accept people for who they are; we don’t have to be best friends or get married, just enjoy the time spent doing whatever it happens to be.  Be open to new discussions and points of view, heck, we might even learn something new.

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