A Class Act

Met an old friend today.  It was a privilege to buy him coffee and spend some time with him. Not to mention enjoyable.  I felt like a local.  Sitting in the passenger seat of his pickup truck, chatting and watching the world go by on main street where Christmas decorations were abound on a beautiful Nantucket day. We just enjoyed the moment.
nantucket xmas tree1A_30 PaintA brief history of how the friendship came to pass.  I believe it was late 70’s early 80’s, some 30+ years prior when our families happened upon each other on vacation.  This further blossomed over the years as the patriarch’s of the family kept in touch, visited each other and I’m sure got themselves into some well deserved trouble.  They enjoyed each other’s company and it was clearly visible when they where together.  Unfortunately the link was broken when my father passed at an early age and we had to to say goodbye.  Our families kept in touch, however, but the embers of that mischievous friendship had been snuffed.  Fast forward 30+ years and here I am sitting in the passenger seat of my father’s old friend’s pickup truck, sipping coffee and solving the world’s problems.  What a LiFE!
This individual is a Son, Husband, Father, Grandfather; and to me and surely many more…A true friend.  He is a genuine human being; and just being in his presence makes you want to be a better person.  I cannot speak for anyone else, but I can tell you that when I walk away from an interaction with this individual I am smiling at the world.  If we do nothing else in the world, we must try to make other people happy or at least comfortable in our presence.  I say we call it “Being Ozzie”.
We’ve spoken about LiFE Prints© and how we should at least make a ripple in the world each day; well there is a perfect example of how to accomplish this.  My friend made some LiFE Prints© when he took time out of his day to spend time with me.  I walked away with a greater belief in the human spirit…a big smile and a happy heart.  I can’t say if I made quite that kind of impression on him but I’d like to think a “small” one.
There is not one single descriptive adjective to describe this individual and we’ve mentioned several above; suffice to say this man is…
LiFE is NOW…® Be Ozzie!