Take stock in yourself

stock in yourself_png

LiFE is NOW…® time to take inventory.  When we sit back and expect good things to happen to us they usually don’t.  Sometimes we get lucky, however.  Many times though we feel slighted as if we were entitled to a reward or good thing; and we were overlooked.  But, perhaps it was just not meant to be or perhaps something good did happen but we missed it, looking for something else.

Maybe, just maybe it’s time to look at ourselves for that good we were seeking and appreciate what we have to offer and those things we have to be thankful for.  Perhaps it’s time to take stock in ourselves.  Take inventory.  Better the things that need improvement.  Continue the things that are working. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Just like the stock market, no one will spend time or money on a stock that is not worthy.  However, the stock that has proven itself to be a valuable part of the market system will garner attention.  Be the stock that garners attention.

LiFE is NOW…® Take Stock in Yourself