7 Things to remember when you’re mad at the driver in front of you

caution slow driver


We know you’ve been stuck behind someone driving very slowly and you think they were put there in that moment just to aggravate only you, right?

Well here are some things to remember while you’re steaming behind the wheel.


  1. They could be having a medical crisis
  2. They could be carrying a stack of 18 pizzas for their kids’ birthday party
  3. They could be transporting a 3 tiered wedding cake
  4. They could be elderly or disabled
  5. You are probably late
  6. ** They could be practicing LiFE is NOW…® and enjoying the ride while taking in the sights
  7.  If none of the above work for you; they really could be out just to aggravate you!  Remember, it’ll be over soon.  Try #6 ; enjoy the ride and look for your sign!

entering LiFE_LiN