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Stony Plain author asks readers to take stock of their unconscious thoughts

By Thomas Miller, Spruce Grove Examiner/Stony Plain Reporter

Stony Plain’s Maren Hasse recently wrote her first book, Fierce Integrity: A course in living your truth. - Photo by Evan Noble

Stony Plain’s Maren Hasse recently wrote her first book, Fierce Integrity: A course in living your truth. – Photo by Evan Noble


A Stony Plain author wants to help you find your inner peace. Maren Hasse recently penned a book that she calls part personal memoir, part self-help.


She hopes people will connect with her memoir, which starts as an excerpt from a guided meditation. Hasse said she first started meditating when she herself was looking for peace.


“Both of my brothers have severe disabilities and I don’t,” said Hasse, who is a yoga teacher and was introduced to meditation through that practice. “As a result, I kind of grew up feeling really helpless and hopeless and really wanting to do something and not being able to at a really young age. It created in me a desire to be something other than what I was.”


At first, she thought her book, titled Fierce Integrity: A course in living your truth, would be based on a program she developed to help people come to terms with the same sort of external forces she had forced on herself in the past.


“Fierce Integrity is about letting go of that desire to be anything other than exactly who I am … really being at peace with what is, including both of my brothers’ medical condition,” she said.


“Fierce Integrity was about coming home to the truth that I am exactly who I need to be so the course invites people to do the same things for themselves.”


Hasse referred to the thousands of thoughts that go through the human mind each day, most of them unconscious, and said that it’s important to take stock of what those thoughts are.


“Just trying to get a hold of what exactly we are thinking all day long and starting to examine those thoughts for truths, a lot of what we tell ourselves isn’t necessarily true,” Hasse said.


“The example for me would be: I should be able to help my brothers. Is that true? No, I’m not a doctor, I can’t do anything to help them. But telling myself all day long I should be able to is causing a lot of suffering. The first half is about your thoughts the second half is about your words — how much of what you say is true? Why do you lie? Why do people lie to you?”


When Hasse had her son, she went through a serious case of post-partum depression. She had to come to terms with the fact that something could go wrong — worrying about it wasn’t healthy, or productive for that matter.


“When I’m dragged into worrying about what could happen I’m missing out on the moment,” Hasse said, adding that if you’re living in the past you’re depressed, if you’re living in the future you have anxiety and the present is all there really is.


“I don’t think we’re ever given anything that we can’t handle — your community will come forward or your family will come together, there’s always light at the end of the darkness.


“Both my brothers have a terminal diagnosis … none of us know when our time is up. If you live your life worrying about that you’re not living your life, you’re missing out.”


Though part of her book is course-based, she doesn’t expect readers to take the full course as presented.


Hasse said it’s important for each and every reader to make the course their own — take whichever parts they connect with and leave the others behind.


Regardless, though, it’s important that they take some sort of action if they want to improve their quality of life.


“Looking around you and re-evaluating the foods that you eat, who you spend your time with, what you do for a living, what are your habits, how do you spend your money, and seeing if that’s in line with what your beliefs are,” added Hasse of some of the introspective questions you can ask yourself during the book and hopefully come away with answers that lead to positive change in your life.


You can purchase the book from Hasse directly either through her Facebook page or her website The book is also available locally for tri-area residents at That Yoga Place, The Urban Homesteading Store and Unique Perceptions.


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