Virtual LiFE or Real LiFE?

Our "one & only cool" shot that no one else has...ha
Our “one & only cool” shot that no one else has…ha

Who’s been to a concert in the last 3 years?  come on; a show of hands.  We know you’re out there.  We’re not asking WHAT concert you went to; only if you’ve been.  There, we see more hands, good.

Now, were you REALLY there or VIRTUALLY there?  I know some of you will be wishing it was only Virtually and that you didn’t actually spend all that money for the show you saw but… that’s a topic for another discussion.  So again, REALLY or VIRTUALLY?  Still not sure.  Well this might help.  Did you spend the entire time looking through your cell phone’s viewfinder snapping pictures and posting to all your virtual friends thinking you were the only one that had that idea or captured that concert and that everyone in the virtual world would think the shot, the lighting, the pose, the moment would be soooo cool?  Or did you leave the phone in your car and actually sit and watch the  concert with your own eyes and without the assistance of a viewfinder.  Did you check out the drummer?  Watch the guy in the first row and think “he shouldn’t be dancing” or perhaps “boy he’s cute, did he look at me?”  Were you there?  Did you take in the sights and smells of the event and live in the moment?


Our guess is if you are like most of the people we saw in our concert, you were there only virtually.  We don’t mind being at a lively concert where the performers get you on your feet singing and dancing; but when 95% of the people are standing up only to capture that “one and only” moment (that only they can capture) for virtual posterity it’s incredibly aggravating.

Society is missing out!  By spending much of their existence vying for the approval of virtual followers they are missing out on LiFE.  Missing out on the smile of a child that just passed by; the smell of freshly baked apple pie or a Cuban cigar.  Missing the magical moments that float into our conscious space every day.

Does this Virtualness make us happy?  Can it make us happy?  Do we even know what we like anymore.  We spend our time trying to post things we think OTHER PEOPLE will like; but is it what makes us happy?  What about us?  LiFE is NOW…® my friend so why not take in every possible bit we can?  Be a little selfish and enjoy the things WE enjoy; not what we think other people will like.

Get out of the VIRTUAL world and be sensual.  We don’t mean “sexual” sensual we mean use our senses!  Smell, Touch, Taste, Listen and Look at LiFE.  It’s out there.  If we punch a wall we feel it.  It’s not virtual.  It’s real.  Please stop living behind the virtual security of absenteeism.  Feel the music.  Join in.Feel the music

Ok, yes we did have to take these pictures of the event to support the fact we were there but we did not spend the entire night virtually seeking the admiration of people we’ve never met in Toledo, OH.

LiFE is NOW…® Join in & Be Real