A Lesson from Foster’s Ladder

LiFE is NOW... Leaf Green Tee
LiFE is NOW… Leaf Green Tee

One Minute you’re here. Next minute you’re in an ambulance and your day just took a sharp turn down a street you didn’t know existed.

This happens every day. Sometimes we’re lucky; we get to return from the ambulance trip.  Sometimes it’s a one way trip. Have you ever been driving your car with a plan for a great day straight ahead of you…the music is playing, windows are down, wind blowing your hair; your thoughts are on what’s going to happen once you get to your destination…plans are made…then SLAM someone’s hit you, you’ve been in a car accident and you’re suddenly jolted, time stops, your life changes and all of a sudden your shifted to another path for the day. Autopilot has been suddenly turned off.

This happened recently which reminded of the frailty, shortness and uncertainty of life.  A true LiFE is NOW…® Moment.  One minute I was talking with him, next minute he was unconscious slumped in a heep on the hard, paver patio, blood spilling from his head, me on with 911, his wife tending to his wound and an ambulance on its way.

He had fallen off a ladder and his day, his life along with his wife’s changed that instant.  He didn’t plan to fall off the ladder that day.  In fact, I’m certain it was not on his calendar and surely he had other thoughts of what he would do in a few hours from now, a few days, months or years from now.  But all that changed in a split second.

LiFE is short; LiFE is unpredictable; LiFE is wonderful.  Cherish it.  Live it.  Love it.  Love those with whom you are making the journey.  Learn from Foster’s Ladder.