I like your shirt! LiFE is NOW…®

I love it when I’m out in LiFE is NOW…® clothing and strangers talk to me; especially when they say “I like your shirt. LiFE is NOW…®” Several times while traveling in North Carolina this happened. This is one of those of times.

We were visiting Chapel Hill, NC (home of the Tar Heels) to walk around and see the town.  While enjoying a gorgeous day on E. Franklin Street we were engaged by a gentleman who invited us to try his restaurant.  He went on to proudly say that he did a lot of research and testing up north in the Boston area before opening his shop.  With that said and being from the “Boston area” we decided to get a sandwich to take with us to our next destination, Greensboro, NC.  Now, I’m no food critic so I will reserve my comments but suffice to say if you ever find yourself in Chapel Hill, NC on E. Franklin Street, across from the university be sure to swing into Top This and be greeted with warm southern hospitality and try a sandwich for yourself.  After all LiFE is NOW…® what better time to try something new.
Ashley - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Ashley – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
As I was waiting for our order the bartender said…yes, you guessed it “I like your shirt, LiFE is NOW…®”.  Again, I love it when people “get it”! LiFE is definitely NOW.  So  I handed her our business card, asked her if she wears tank tops, what size and what color and made sure she “got it”. She ended up choosing the pink one as you can see.  Her name is Ashley and if you’re ever in Chapel Hill  and on E. Franklin Street go visit her, say “hello”.  She could be hiding behind the bar.
Ashley has a great LiFE is NOW…® Moment.  After the introductions and questions of where we were all from she said she and her friend simply decided one day to change their lives, and search for something more, so they packed up their things and they moved to Beverly Hills (well not really); it was Chapel Hill! She tells us they are still friends to this day.
We met so many great and warm people in the South and they seemed to understand the LiFE is NOW…® culture.  Ashley was one of them.  We hope she wears her new tank top often and tells people of her story.