‘Bucket List Updates’ Begins

It begins.  Time to practice what we preach.  The Bucket List is about to become a To-Do List.  LiFE is NOW…® will begin eating away at an ever changing Bucket List.  I say ‘ever changing’ because 1. once we start I’m certain there will be other things that will need to be added to the list and 2. we hope you send us ideas as to what we should attempt, do or try.  It’s all about taking the initiative, making the time and making it happen.  When it’s all said and done you can say “I did it”, walk away with memories and the satisfaction of taking that first step and accomplishing something.  These are our dreams.  We cannot let them wither away with us.  We must engage them.  Then pass on our experience to others.

Help us work our way through LiFE’s Bucket List together by sending in your photos, videos and stories for us to post on our site.  You’ll get the satisfaction of finishing a Bucket List item, making memories as well as seeing your story on our site.  We can’t wait.  Really…we can’t wait – LiFE is NOW…®