New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from LiFE is NOW...®
Happy New Year from LiFE is NOW…®

It’s that time of year again; when we resolve to change our ways, be a better person, lose some weight, love bigger or run that marathon.  The time of year when the past is put behind us and our outlook is clear and fresh.  The blackboard has been wiped clean and ready for new creations.  The clay has been recharged and ready to be molded into something new.  The time of year when we make our New Year’s Resolutions.

We make resolutions with all the best intentions and some of us march on and maintain course, however, many of us fall short.  Is that to say we shouldn’t try?  Absolutely not, but bear in mind the mere nature of the words resolution and resolve bring upon us a heavy burden; for in the definitions  you will find words like “purposeful”, “determined” , “unwavering”, “tenacious” and “uncompromising”.  These are powerful words and perhaps some of the reason why we fall short of our lofty expectations in our “Resolutions” every year.

Let’s try not to conquer these “resolutions” all at once.  Let’s take them slowly and in small doses.  Let’s not get frustrated when we fall short.  Let’s simply focus on NOW and start again.  Let’s do it.

Our original “Call to Action” Clothing is here to help;  help us realize, maintain and conquer our resolutions.  LiFE is NOW…® creates a sense of urgency that the time to be alive and act is NOW; and LiFE is going on around us at this very moment.  What a perfect opportunity to work on our resolutions…NOW.  This also helps us focus our energy on the present, not our past failures or worries and not those lofty goals of the future or all the work and focus it will take to get there but what we can do right now.  One step at a time.  Multi-mile journeys start with one step and they are made up of a series of single steps.  We cannot take all of a journey’s steps at one time so why should we try to do this with New Year’s Resolutions or in any other endeavor?

Our “Let’s do it” designs that will help us every time we look in the mirror while wearing our shirt and question the  resolutions we’ve made, whether or not we want to continue, we’ll think and say to ourself in the mirror “Let’s do it”!

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