Change Your Reaction

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Change Your Reaction.

There I said it so it’s done and it’s easy.  Right?  Wrong.  This is so very hard to accomplish but with the holidays upon us what a perfect time to try.  The playing field is leveled a bit in that most people are generally in a good mood so there should be less friction to deal with.  What we are asking you to try is think before you act or respond.

There are many instances during our lives where someone else has become the root of all our problems…or have they?  Is it really them?  Maybe we can do something about it.  The answers are Perhaps, Maybe and a resounding Yes!

The answer:  Change Your Reaction

We can choose to blame others for their inadequacies, ignorance and rudeness or we can choose to rethink.  Mind you, this is not easy.  For example, someone who is dealing with self confidence issues attacks our family values and sends us into a rage.  We’re not going to let them get away with this!  It’s time to defend the family values and fight back! Right?  Wrong again.  Remember the old addage of if someone brings a knife to a fight then bring a gun?  Well whatever comes of this?  One or both are injured, neither has said what was really bothering them; except both can (hopefully) walk away from the fight knowing they’ve “defended their honor/ego”.  Same goes for the person attacking our family values.  Likely they are not actually angry with us but feeling jealous of our values, but by answering with rage and attitude we’ve escalated the encounter from a potential conversation to a bar brawl.  What happens when you step back, take a breath, think of what the other person may be going through and countering with a level headed response?

This is so damn hard to do.  Some days we want to pound this ignorant person into the ground like a tomato stake, right?  Well don’t.  We waste so much positive energy on things like this we don’t have enough to satisfy our own goals.  We wake up and wonder “how could I still be so tired after such a good night’s sleep?” when in reality we’re exhausted from worrying and defending.  Let it go.  Go exercise, spend time with friends & family; put your energy into the things that make your LiFE wonderful.

There’s no better time to try this than NOW.  Even better that NOW is within the season where most people are in a happy, holiday mood.

LiFE is NOW…® Change Your Reaction and make it a good one.


One thought on “Change Your Reaction

  1. I agree with you in changing our attitude, but at times it is so difficult to do. I am more aware of dealing with people who are rude, inappropriate etc now than I was ten years ago. Why did it take so long?

    I am so proud of you in creating this website/business and for all that you stand for in life. At times I stop and say, “Where did you come from”? You give me that incentive to live a better life and I love you for all of it.. let’s hope that LIFE IS NOW will someday soon take off for the world to become a part of and to see how much better this world could be…..

    Your writing skills amaze me..Keep trusting in your passions.. Mom

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