What does LiFE is NOW…® mean to you?

What does LiFE is NOW...® mean to you?
What does LiFE is NOW…® mean to you?

A simple question we think but we’d like your input.

What does LiFE is NOW…® mean to you?  Have you ever thought of it?  We’re certain there are many different meanings out there and a lot we’ve never thought of.

For us it’s a way of LiFE.  A way of looking at the world through eyes that offer a slightly dfferent perspective than perhaps the ones we were born with.  Or maybe reverting BACK to the ones we were born with.  Think about it; when we were children we were inspired, ambitious and spontaneous; and thirsty for more.  We knew what we wanted and we went after it.   We saw something fun and had to participate.

Looking through the eyes of a child we had wonder, excitement, passion and no color gauge or egos. People were people and we wanted to get to know them and interact with them regardless.

Over the years we’ve lost some of that passion and spontaneity.  Our egos and pride have taken over.  We’ve become jaded and complacent.  We’ve let time slip through our fingers.  The great thing about this LiFE is as long as the clock is still ticking there’s still time.  Time to take advantage of every moment we have. Get out there and participate in LiFE.  It’s happening right NOW.  Don’t wait.  Hug your kids, take that trip, learn to surf, skydive, help your neighbor, start that business…exude passion again and let it seep into the world.

What a great opportunity we’re given on a daily basis; take the knowledge and maturity we’ve gained along the way and couple it with a child’s outlook on the world.

Sky’s the limit! But the moment is NOW.

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