Time keeps moving – do you?

Time continues to move whether we are or not.  We can be sitting, lounging, sleeping or standing motionless and time will continue to tick.  Each of us has only so much of it but we don’t know HOW much.  Maybe you’re thinking of making a change in your life but are afraid to “waste” time on something that might be the “wrong” thing for you; well maybe this will help. 

Consider your current path in life a straight line to your figurative desitination.  You’re obviously thinking of making a change so this path is obviously not doing it for you, but you’re afraid to step to the side and take another path… why?  Perhaps you’re thinking it will be wasted time.  Well, time keeps moving whether you stay on this path or take another.  It doen’t care whether you use it or waste it.  So, why not keep moving, step to the side and follow another path.  If in the end you don’t like that path, take another one or come back to the one you started on.  Either way time continues to move on and at some point in the future you can still on the same unsatisfying path or be experiencing another.  Your choice.