Crazy, Sexy, Fun Traveler

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler (in Slovakia) is now the proud owner of a Berry colored LiFE is NOW…™ sexy tank top to travel the world with. When are you getting yours!?

We are listed as a “Clothes Sponsor” on her website:

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Here is her Facebook Post after receiving her Sexy Tank Top:

I just got a tank top from Life is now. The owner was so nice that he just sent me a free one from the USA 🙂 
prave mi doslo tielko s nadpisom Zivot je teraz. Majitel obchodu bol taky mily, a poslal mi jedno zadarmo z USA:)

Berry sexy tank top owned by Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

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    1. You are very welcome and thank you for posting our website on your sponsor page! Keep your traveling Crazy, Sexy & Fun !!

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