LiFE is NOW…™ visits Pompeii, Italy

LiFE is NOW…™ recently visited Pompeii, Italy.  It was both beautiful and somber.  With Mt Vesuvius ominously looming in the background it offered us the ever present knowledge that it could speak once again at any time.  The entire day was an eerie reminder that life is short and can be snuffed out in a moments notice while also showing us the incredible capabilities of the human species.

The architecture and design of a 2,000 year old society and thriving civilization showed us how capable we are as humans when we want to be.  It was like walking down Main Street in any town with its shops, houses, streets and sidewalks.

The ingenuity was everywhere like the raised crosswalks shown here that enabled pedestrians to cross the street without getting their feet wet and dirty but that allowed the carts to pass through. You can see the ruts worn in the stone from the carts. As well as the worn stone on the sidewalks from foot traffic.

They had their stadiums, gardens, vineyards and open spaces. It was easy to imagine this place as a thriving city when you see the buildings still standing, the layout of the area, the vineyards and shops;  and the ornate interiors of some of the wealthier homes.  They had what any city in modern times would need. In fact it is also easy to believe that we’ve modeled our current cities and towns from locations such as this. It was, however, hard to fathom that all this took place nearly 2,000 years ago; as the the United States is only a little over 200.

It is amazing to see pots and urns used 2,000 years ago still in tact and probably still usable to this day; while many of the products we manufacture in modern times have very little longevity.

Aside from the city itself being in ruins, the somber reminders of the human frailty came when we had an opportunity to peer into the exact moment of finality for some of the city’s inhabitants.  The forms below show two individuals each in a different frame of mind when their lives ended.  It appears as though one was asleep and had no idea of its impending demise while the other holds a arm out as if to stop death from coming any closer.   You can even see the robe draped on the one attempting to defy death’s request.

If you ever have the chance to visit the ruins at Pompeii we urge you do so as it is a powerful reminder of the frailty and shortness of life but more importantly the incredible ingenuity, intelligence and capabilities of the human civilization and all the amazing things we can do when we choose to live life and act on it.


6 thoughts on “LiFE is NOW…™ visits Pompeii, Italy

  1. Italy is amazing. As an American decendant of Italian immagrants, visiting Italy impacted me forever. It was as if going home! Seeing this history is so powerful. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Italy is definitely amazing and has lasting effects on everyone who visits, we agree! Thanks for commenting and you’re welcome we are excited to be able to visit and share such wonderful images. Please be sure to share us with your friends and get involved in some other posts as well.

      From the LiFE is NOW…™ family

  2. This was amazing…I loved reliving the day with you, Dana & Jamie…you have a wonderful way of expressing your feelings in each of the pictures. Your descriptions allowed me to be at the ruins for a short time..I loved it…It is always difficult to imagine that this civilization existed thousands of years ago…and how much we have learned from them…..thanks..

    1. Thank you – the pictures and the history of the civilization do most of the talking.

  3. These Pictures are so beautiful. It was very interesting. thank you for posting them.

    1. Thank you. Imagine being there. You can almost feel the ancient people brush by you as you walk the streets. Everyone should experience something like this at least once in their life.

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