“Relative Perspective”

“Relative Perspective”. What is it? A simple concept really wherein we gain the individual realization that we are not the only human on earth with a brain and the ability to conjur opinions and feelings; and that there may, in fact, be an alternate perspective on a certain issue. Followed by further realization, once it is agreed there could be a differing opinion, that the other opinion may be relative to the discussion at hand. Ok, enough philosophical lingo.

For example, an inane argument as to whether or not a particular car is red or maroon. Who cares!?  The two people involved in the argument waste precious time bickering when the color is relative to the perspective of each differing person. While it is a simple concept to grasp it is a difficult concept to actively practice and most difficult with those having a fuller sense of self and feeling that their opinion is the only one that matters or their way is the only way something should or could be.

It is difficult to stop and think at a particular challenging moment and agree their may be another way of looking at it.  But try it!  When we open our minds the possibilities become endless. It all becomes relative. One’s view becomes a “relative perspective” from which to see the world. Arguments melt away because it doesn’t matter anymore.

LiFE is NOW…try a new perspective