Revel in old memories or create new ones?

Seems we feel as though we don’t want to take time out to make new memories for fear of forgetting the old ones. But in order for them to be memories at all, the stories had to be conjurred and created to begin with.  So, rather than spending time reveling in the old ones – get out there make some new ones. Those memories you find yourself thinking about were once created by you going forth and doing something.  Don’t you think you owe it to your kids to give them memories to look back on (briefly mind you) .   This is not to say we should forget all things past and think only of the now.  Alot of the now is built on ideas and memories from the past.  We cannot forget it.  It is a part of us.  Simply linger a little less there and more in the present.

Don’t fear taking time away from reveling in the past to go out and make new ones.  Perhaps you think taking time now to make new ones prohibits you from thinking about the old ones.  In theory that may be correct but later on you will have newly created memories to look back on.  You may even learn something new along the way. Don’t let your memory bank dwindle to only a few items from the past. Keep building memories by being proactive and remember…

LiFE is NOW…Go create new ones!