Ever have that feeling you should have been born in another era?  I know I have.  You get that feeling that the place you are, the music your listening to, the clothes, the smells and sounds are a perfect match to your soul.  It’s happened to me many times and many times I’ve quipped to my wife; “I should have been born in the……”  or “This place feels like home.  Like I belong here.”   From these (let’s call them feelings for lack of a better term) one begins to move their mind into that era and daydream a bit while feeling like they are walking the streets in period attire and interacting with the locals.  STOP!!!  Ok, it’s true.  It’s fun to fantasize about being in another era, that you belong there and it feels like home but don’t forget;  you’re not!  You’re here.  Living and breathing and reading this blog in the 21st century.  LiFE is NOW…not 1940.  You’re not meeting the Rat Pack for dinner and drinks.  Henry VIII did not invite you to his New Year’s Eve bash at the castle.  You are here.
“To dream of the person you’d like to be is to waste the person you are.”  Anon
I found this quote a few years back and it is very fitting to this discussion.  Enjoy the feelings but don’t linger there too long as you are missing what is right in front of you now.
Remember, LiFE is NOW… not with Henry VIII