Simple Pleasures

This is a follow up to a recent post on our Facebook Page about appreciation and how it doesn’t cost anything.  A simple walk through your hometown or neighboring city gives you all the opportunity you need to be aware of your surroundings and appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship and people that surround you.

We all walk through the day sometimes without actually “seeing” or “hearing” a thing.  It’s like talking on the cell phone in your car as you commute home from work; when 15-20 minutes go by and you can’t remember how you got where you are, whether or not there were other cars on the road; or sometimes even what the conversation was about.  Not only is this dangerous it’s sad actually; that we’re so concerned with matters “not-at-hand” that we miss opportunities to appreciate ourselves, our friends, strangers on the street or life itself.

Here are some beautiful shots captured while strolling through a town that we’ve visited often.  So one could say we’ve seen everything.  Maybe.  But perhaps not quite in the light of the moment at hand or the color of the sky in the background.  We could have chosen to walk with our heads down focused on the final destination but instead we took time to wander off the beaten path and appreciated some of those things we “see” everyday from a different point of view.

boardwalk from water's edge

sam creek

boardwalk reflections

LiFE is NOW… take the time to wander!