Pipe Dreams

Pipe dreams.   Every time I hear this phrase it strikes a negative chord with me; I guess since most people use it in such a condescending manner to make a point that the dream is not achievable. “By whose determination?”, I would

The dictionary  defines pipe dreams as such:

noun pipe dreams, plural

  1. An unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme
  2. any fantastic notion, hope, or story:

I find #2 above to be the Optimistic definition while #1 revels in Negativity.   Worlds were discovered, families created, medical breakthroughs and inventions brought to life by “any fantastic notion, hope or story”.  I guess it all boils down to relative perspective” again.  How do you choose to look at the world?   Both definitions define the words but clearly they can be interpreted in different ways.   So, I challenge you to do the same and add a #3 to the definition above.

3.  Possible reality or opportunity

People scoff at the dream and attach the word ‘pipe’ in order to ensure their opinion is clearly stated; they do not believe (maybe in themselves) the idea has merit.  You’ll hear them scoffing; “Sure, he has ideas, but they’re nothing but pipe dreams.”  Come on people!  They’re dreams.  They’re ideas.  Nothing new is created;  nothing old is changed;  the status quo remains in tact without dreams.  You cannot make something happen without an idea, a thought, or a dream.  So regardless if the naysayers call your idea  a pipe dream, prove them wrong.  Make your dream a reality. They keep you moving forward.

Dreams keep you alive.

LiFE is NOW…Dream