Traffic’s Opportunities

I reopened my eyes to “Traffic’s Opportunities” and thought I would share the story with you.

Met a colleague over coffee and perhaps I’m learning late in life but our conversation reinforced the old addage of not judging a book by its cover. Not that I was judging; but it’s the fact that you really no have idea what’s under a person’s facade until they let you in. Then you learn they have the same passions and concerns as you. Maybe a better addage is to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

 Anyway the conversation bounced around from topics such as life changing events to coffee and on to work; ultimately one point that spilled out of this meandering discussion was ‘time was a precious commodity and not to waste any of it hold up in fears of making a change’.  A more real life scenario example of this would be the actions taken or not taken while sitting in traffic.

He went on to say when he delivers some of his marketing and advertising presentations (in order to explain his company’s concept of Redirection Marketing) he asks,  “how many people in the room seek an alternative route to a destination rather than sit and wait in stop and go traffic?”  Even though the question was rhetorical for me I had to raise my hand.  I hated waiting like cattle in stop and go traffic and would always attempt to find an alternative solution to my destination.  Sometimes I would get lost.  Other times I found my way but in either case I learned so much in those times of redirection.  I knew what general direction I had to travel but in the interim I was going to learn the backstreets and local hangouts on the way.  Sure I may have added some time to my journey but I gained so much more and I was generally always moving forward.  Perhaps this is the same mindset that fuels my displeasure of sitting behind a desk waiting for something to happen.

In any event his company, Carlson Creative, has coined the unique proposition of “Redirection Marketing” offering it sucessfully to its clients.

Look for an alternative method.  Rather than traveling on the straight path from point A to point B (which you’ve already determined you don’t like) take a step in another direction and see where it takes you.  You may find at some point you have to return to the old path but you may also find another path more satisfying that leads you to your destination.  Divert your journey.  You’ll still get to your destination and you may learn something new along the way.  Take the time to capitalize on traffic’s opportunities

LiFE is NOW…be adventurous.